Why choose us

Settling a business is not an easy task. We do understand that our retailers really need support and assistance. Hence, we are here to be their valuable business partner.

Below is our competitive advantages to our customers, that’s why they choose us:

– Setting-up petroleum station: Building Savimex petroleum station is a complicated procedure related to legal issues, standardize design, and material resource. Savimex has expertise to ensure that these tasks will be done properly for them from the moment they become our important customers.

– Credit Sale: This has been a good news for those who don’t have enough capital, but strong commitment in petroleum business. It sounds like a risky way for the company; however, it is not a core matter since we have successfully prevented and solved the involving problem, In contrast, this payment method indicates that we are treat our valuable business partners with trust and respect. That’s why they decided to be a partner with Savimex and have grown together with us.